I am trying to upload file from my website into DOSpace

June 10, 2019 117 views

I am using https://github.com/alyahmmed/CodeIgniter-S3-Upload library to upload file from my web application to DOSpace. ut I always get false in signing. I use https://sgp1.digitaloceanspaces.com/ as endpoint and I have created API access key and secret key which I have configured.

Please help. thanks in advance

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Looking at the library used, it looks like the last update was ~4 years ago (from what I can see on the GitHub repository). It’s possible that some of the functionality may be broken, though there is an official library provided by Amazon which can be used as a replacement.

I would recommend taking a look at:


It can also be installed and managed by Composer:



I noticed that there was an issue with the s3 url, please get latest updates and try again:

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