I am unable to access my server anyhow?

May 12, 2017 3.7k views
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I think that someday, I restarted my server using the Digitalocean control panel probably due to which this problem started.
The current situation- I am not able to SSH and also unable to connect using Control Panel consol window. to my droplet
I expect that some files related to ssh might have got corrupted for me not being able to connect via ssh (It shows “Connection closed by <ip> on port 22”). For the second case, the reason might be the fact that my office network only allows connections on port 80, 443 and 22 only (It shows a black screen with “Server disconnected (code: 1006)”).
So what should I do now to get access to the droplet.

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Hi @harshit0agrawal

Can you go to the control panel and power off the droplet. Wait a few seconds and then start it again. If you check the Console, can you see anything happening?

The Console in the control panel connects to the droplet like it was a monitor, so it doesn’t matter if SSH is working or not.

  • I did a similar thing but it hardly made any difference. The only difference was I did not wait for a few seconds. I restarted the droplet as soon as it got powered off. Would that work or should I try again?

    • @harshit0agrawal
      Well, it takes a few seconds for the actions to kick in, but it shouldn’t make any difference, since they should be queued up.
      If the Console is all black and says a connection-error-message in the bottom, then it sounds like you need to open a support ticket through the control panel.

      • Right now before this reply, I tried shutting down the droplet but it’s taking endless time to shut down. Looks like the only way to go about it is to submit a support ticket.
        Thanks @hansen

        • @harshit0agrawal Sounds like there’s delays with actions, so while you’re waiting for a response from support (remember it can take some time), check if you can power off the droplet every hour.
          I can’t see any reports on http://status.digitalocean.com/ but also have a look there while waiting.

          • Sure, I’ll try to restart every hour but still, circle is rotating continuously near on button and not getting shut down.

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