I am having problems accessing my my wordpress droplet over my wifi network. I don’t
have any problem when I use others networks, neither do i have problems
when accessing with my phone. I can even access when using my laptop in
other wifi connections…

I tried flushDNS, I reset the router, I am able to log in via SSH/SFTP.... I have no clue what the problem is…

This is my tracepath:

1 85 ms 8 ms 8 ms SC-LVG []
2 17 ms 17 ms 16 ms
3 17 ms 20 ms 20 ms
4 22 ms 21 ms 18 ms
5 20 ms 17 ms 17 ms
6 18 ms 17 ms 97 ms
7 25 ms 20 ms 20 ms
8 19 ms 70 ms 93 ms 200-32-127-98.static.impsat.net.ar
9 * * * Tiempo de espera agotado para esta
10 423 ms 202 ms 203 ms ae0-300G.ar5.MIA1.gblx.net []
11 * * * Tiempo de espera agotado para esta
12 428 ms 607 ms 196 ms ae-2-3602.ear4.Newark1.Level3.net
13 190 ms 179 ms 180 ms
14 * * * Tiempo de espera agotado para esta
15 * * * Tiempo de espera agotado para esta
16 285 ms 303 ms *
17 200 ms 197 ms 199 ms

I contacted the support and I made a ticket… They were not able to fix the problem. The guy told me it may be a problem with my IPS’s network. But this is happening JUST when I try to load my website, it works perfectly everywhere else…

I hope anyone can help me.

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Hello, @Sebas1789

I hope you were able to solve the issue. My assumption will be that the issue is caused from either the ISP or from your local router/computer.

Usually when you can’t reach a server/website only from a single point, e.g your home network you need to contact your ISP so they can check this for you. Also doing a traceroute helps to see where the connection stops as well.