I am unable to change the maximum upload file size

February 14, 2019 330 views
WordPress Apache PHP Ubuntu 16.04

I tried all the possible changes right from adding things in htaccess file, wp-config.php and even php.in no of them worked. I don’t understand why this is happening. This wasn’t the case before.

1 Answer


Here are the steps to follow to see where it needs changing:

  1. go to your public_html/ or html/ directory and create a file (ex: info.php) with this:

  1. chown www-data.www-data info.php

  2. Browse your website and the php script (ex: http://example.com/info.php

  3. Search for the string “php.ini” and note down the full path

  4. Open that file on the server, edit the upload_max_filesize variable

  5. Restart Apache and/or php-fpm


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