I can access my website internally (local network) but not externally. How do I fix this?

September 7, 2017 468 views
Apache DNS Networking Ubuntu 16.04

First, I am very new to this, so the solution may be obvious to some, but not to me.
I am running two physical rack servers on the same local network, each is running Ubuntu Server 16.04 with LAMP stack installed. I use the first server to test certain ideas, configurations, etc... The second server is running (hosting) multiple websites using Apache2 Virtual Hosts with no access problems. I am hosting a single website on the first server (not using Apache2's default.conf) and I can access the website from the local network but not from the internet. I am on a residential IP. I have checked the DNS record for the site in question, it points to the proper IP address. My router is set to forward the appropriate port to the server's address. UFW appears to be configured properly, and the problem persists if I disable UFW. I have tried shutting down the second server, leaving only one server operating on the network, but the problem persists. I'm not sure where to look next. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • @mugspics I am not sure if this is the right forum for you, but I could provide you some support.

    When something like this happens, you need to determine where the problem could be. I would follow the following actions

    • Ping the domain, see if it goes the proper IP
    • Check the port, see if it is open externally
    • Traceroute the IP, see if it gets blocked somewhere
    • Check logs, can you find helpfull information somewhere?
    • Simplify everything, for example:
    • - Disable firewall, or don't redirect port 5060 (for example) to internal 80 but just open 80
    • - Make a simplified index.html
    • - Only enable a defaul VHOST, disable the others

    Maybe you can find some other actions you haven't done yet, or give some more information on logs and configurations so we can check those.

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