I can not create my new droplet !!

September 28, 2014 2.6k views

I created my droplet, I checked “droplets” page, the status is “NEW”, but IPaddress is not assigned, and this page has been showing [Approximately 58 seconds remaining] for nearly 1 hour. It seems to me that the creating process is stoped. Could you help me?

  • I had the same problem earlier. Some issue that you will need to submit a ticket to the support department to get it resolved.

  • Hi friend. Please, send a support ticket to Digital Ocean by control panel! Digital Ocean’s support is very fast, in minutes you get a way to solve.

  • This problem was clear today, the page was back to default. But I do not know why. Thank you all the same!!

1 Answer

realganesha - Please submit a helpdesk ticket and they will help fix the issue above. Sounds like the new drop creation process is stuck.

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