I can not log in

May 2, 2018 843 views
Networking Ubuntu 16.04

I turned off password login since I use ssh keys.
I was retiring a dropplet, named ashley, and seemed to have removed .ssh directory and now can not sign in.
Can someone please copy the .ssh dir from one of my other dropplets, or reset ssh somehow?

Thank you

1 Answer

Our team is not able to make internal changes to your droplets. If you have a password for your root user you can log in via the console in the control panel Droplet->Access->Console

The console appears as a local keyboard and display to your droplet so as long as you have a root password you’ll be able to log in there even if you’ve disabled root logins with a password for SSH.

If you do not have a root password you can open a ticket with our support team and they can boot your droplet to a recovery environment. From there you can copy your keys back into your filesystem.

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