i can't add email on outlook or thunderbird

January 19, 2017 957 views
Email Ubuntu

actually i careted a email server using vestacp but now i don’t know how to update rdns and i can’t intigrate email account on outlook or thunderbird for bulk email and also interspire

1 Answer

Hey. Can you share some details of what is happening when you attempt to connect to your mailserver with outlook or thunderbird? Without information on the errors or issues you’re running into it will be difficult to help you find a solution.

As far a RDNS, a PTR record for your IP address can be created by naming your droplet with a FQDN (fully qualified domain name). This can be either a full domain or a subdomain. If the name you give your droplet is a proper domain or subdomain the PTR for your IP address is created automatically on the backend.

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