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Hey friend!

Let’s simplify all of this a bit with a theoretical scenario:

  • MySQL is on server
  • I need server at to connect to database “digitalocean” on

On server I make sure that bind-interface is set to I check this with “netstat -tulpn” to make sure MySQL isn’t just listening on If it is, then I haven’t set bind-address, and need to work on that before continuing. Otherwise, I continue by running this in MySQL shell on

create database digitalocean;


grant all on digitalocean.* to 'jarland'@'' identified by 'mypassword';

Now on I run:

mysql -h -u jarland -pmypassword digitalocean

Then I should have a MySQL shell. If I don’t, and no firewall is blocking port 3306 outbound on or inbound on, I didn’t do one of the above steps.