I can't get mail server working

October 24, 2015 2.8k views

I would like to run Discourse, but for whatever reason I can’t get the mail server working. I have tried using google and dreamhost as mail servers, but neither work. Is there an easy solution to this?

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You trying to use php to send mails or....?

Discourse sends email verification, so you need to set up a mail server to send mail from. I followed the troubleshooting guide with no success. I can’t include the link (reports it as spam) but I’ve copied some of it below:

Did you enter email settings correctly?
Double check your app.yml:

Did you fill in the SMTP address, SMTP username, and SMTP password fields correctly, as specified by your mail provider?

Make sure you copy and paste the mail provider password – do not type it in manually.

Does the value for DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS correctly have one set of single quotes around it ‘like this’?

Are the values aligned with the correct indentation for the email section? YML files are alignment sensitive. Even one extra space at the beginning of a line will cause problems.

Did you remove the YML comment marker # in front of the lines?

A valid app.yml email section looks like this:

DISCOURSE_SMTP_ADDRESS: smtp.mandrillapp.com
DISCOURSE_SMTP_USER_NAME: name@example.com
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