I can't hit my website on http because of redirection created to https on previous droplet with Nginx

June 8, 2018 623 views
Nginx Let's Encrypt Ubuntu 16.04

Hello there,
I’m setting up my website again step by step on a new droplet. On earlier droplet I had added nginx certificate from let’s encrypt to make it secure and added a redirection to https when site was hit on http.

Now on new droplet first of all I’ve installed nginx from official NGINX repository instead of Debian or Ubuntu repositories to get the latest version. Because of this from my understanding I only have to add server block in /etc/nginx/conf.d/.conf and there won’t be /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/;.

As I’m yet to setup certificate on this new droplet I was expecting I should be able to visit my website with http://khottotalfitness.com/, but it is still redirecting to https://khottotalfitness.com/. Can anybody please explain why this is happening?

Note: I can visit my website with IP address.

Is it because of certificate I had created earlier? What can I do in this case?


1 Answer

Hello folks, though it was stupid mistake, I later got to know what had happened.
It was cached in the memory, when I cleared the cache memory, I was able to hit it on http.

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