I can't login on my droplet, already tried to reset my root pasword.

November 26, 2016 2k views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu


I tried to login into my droplet with my root credentials, but it still keeps asking my password. So I tried to reset my root password (recieved the recovery ‘mail’), but it still keeps prompting asking my login.

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2 Answers

On login after reseting root password, you could be asked to change password.
When you login via SSH with new password, you’ll see something like:
current Password. You need to enter current one again, and after that two times new one.

  • That’s the problem, I can’t login with the reseted root pasword. It keeps asking to login. I tried with the root user and my other user, but no result.

Hi @gschnieders, by any chance, did you disabled remote login using root? @xMudrii if that’s the case, will a password reset allow him to login using root?

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