I can't login to my account.

January 25, 2018 2.3k views
Getting Started Ubuntu 16.04

Ok yesterday I tried to customize some of the settings in the Networking section in my droplet,it was going smoothly and manage to finished it.Today I want to launch my site with Wordpress and after doing all the necessary things but I can't login to my account,I am getting the page https://cloud.digitalocean.com/droplets as blank page.How do I fix this? I have contacted the support team but they always take 2-6 hrs to respond,heck waiting for that period is a waste of time.So I thought anyone here might be familiar with the issue and help me fix it.

Thank you.

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OK people I can access it just now,have been trying for 2 hrs.And one more question planning to make a site and I know it will receive 300K to 700K visitors/pageviews per day after some months,the average size of my page is 7mb and I currently signed up for "8 GB Memory / 160 GB Disk / SGP1 " plan,my question is can that plan handle such traffic? or which plan is most suitable for such traffic?

Thank you.

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