I can't setup a subdomain in my server.

March 5, 2014 2k views
Hi, i'm trying to setup a subdomain, read all tutorials and forum questions but really don't understand what's wrong. I've created the virtualhost for the domain and subdomain on /etc/apache2/sites-available/default like this: ServerAdmin paulo@example.org.br DocumentRoot "/var/www/example" ServerName www.example.org.br ServerAlias example.org.br DocumentRoot "/var/www/sub" ServerName www.sub.example.org.br ServerAlias sub.example.org.br And then I run a2ensite and restarted apache, but the browser doesn't recognize the subdomain. Do I have to do any DNS setting? Or change any other files? Thanks you all.
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yes, you are right. you need to add DNS record to your subdomain under your domain DNS settings.

look here:

by Assaf Gordon
Here's some documentation on how to set up and test DNS subdomains with DigitalOcean's DNS panel.
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