I cannot access my plesk droplet ip after enabling cloud firewall?

October 14, 2019 174 views
DigitalOcean Cloud Firewalls

I was accessing my plesk droplet ip from browser without cloud firewall enabled. But when i enabled firewall with default rules, i cannot access my ip from browser. It gives me site cannot be reached error.

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  • This are my firewall config. @alexdo i added the custom, still site not reachable error. But if i do away with firewall i can access but not secured. google gives error of unsecured website.
    ICMP ICMP All IPv4 All IPv6

    AllTCP TCP All ports All IPv4 All IPv6

    HTTP TCP 80 All IPv4 All IPv6

    HTTPS TCP 443 All IPv4 All IPv6

    Custom TCP 8443 All IPv4 All IPv6

    AllUDP UDP All ports All IPv4 All IPv6

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Hello, @thethih

Have you create any custom rules in the Firewall? You can make sure that the Plesk port (8443) is open. I believe this article should help you to set this:


Let me know how it goes.

Can you please let me know if your servers runs a UFW firewall as well? If you’re using UFW, you can view the current filtering rules by typing:

sudo ufw status verbose

If you get Status: inactive then it’s disabled and we need to look somewhere else to sort the issue.

Let me know how it goes.

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