I cannot access my spaces bucket due to some backend error.

March 29, 2019 669 views
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For the past two days, spaces started acting weird. I cannot access enter my bucket. Therefore, I cannot delete nor create a new one. It keeps saying there is a backend error. I’ve checked the HTTP response and it shows a 500 server error.

Everything seems ok on status.digitalocean.com
I could not find any info about this on google. Please help me!

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I’m sorry about the trouble this is causing for you. This 500 error, is this at cloud.digitalocean.com or when using API? My second question is just for good measure: Can you try a different web browser to confirm that it still happens? A 500 error is of course a server error, and it is very unlikely that changing browsers impacts it, but I do have in my head a highly unlikely scenario in which it “could” happen, which is why I mention it.

Regardless of the outcome, it will still be a good idea to file a ticket with our support team here:


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