I cannot access to my droplet by ssh or console after password reset

August 11, 2016 3.1k views

I have a CentOS droplet for which I had set up an ssh key. I have new computer, do not have the ssh key. I did a password reset, enter with putty, I am asked to enter a new password, which I do, and putty crashes after I hit enter after confirming new password. I tried several times, without success. So I tried via console in DO panel control, several times also. I enter new password, confirm, and the console asks me again to log in. If I try with new password, the login is incorrect. If I try with ‘old’ one (the resetted password), once again I am prompted to enter a new password, which I do, and the vicious circle continues.. What is going on? should I destroy the droplet?

1 Answer

Try doing the Password Reset while the server is turned off. It should automatically boot up the Droplet once the password has been reset.

If you are still unable to reset the password, submit a support ticket here: https://cloud.digitalocean.com/support/tickets/new and ask support staff to boot the Droplet with Recovery ISO.

Once done, login to your server using Console Access and select option #1 to mount the filesystem and then option #5 to reset the password.

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