I cannot connect (ping or ssh) to my droplet

August 21, 2014 7.8k views

I was able ssh into my droplet a while ago, and I also deployed a Rails web app. It was working as I was able to access the webpage from the IP. However, I haven't been able to ssh to the droplet for a 5 or 6 hours now.

When I go to the 'console' page for the droplet, it says "Failed to establish a connection to the console. Please reload." I also tried power off and restart the server, but it didn't work.

Please advise and thanks.

2 Answers

Check your firewall rules ,
sudo ufw allow OpenSSH

It works now without me doing anything, but it was really frustrating for this to happen.

  • The web console does not work all the time, everyone seem to face this connection issue with the console. I highly recommend use ssh client locally to connect to your droplet.

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