I cannot open a ticket to digital ocean after creating an account

July 9, 2019 192 views
DigitalOcean CentOS

So I created an account with you guys. I was able to spin up a droplet and get it going. However I have a technical question i would like support with.

So in my account there is the support icon, top right that brings me to https://cloudsupport.digitalocean.com

So I’m at the “How can we help you?” page and at the bottom there is a “contact support”
from there it doesn’t recognize my account and it keeps looping me over and over again to the “how can we help you page” with this message

“Login Error
We were unable to log you into the support portal”

How am I supposed to contact your guys from my account? Is the only support I have with digitalocean though this community forum?

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Hey there!

So sorry to hear you’re experiencing this - I suspect this may be an instance of an issue with a certain link between the support portal and your account. I’m happy to help with getting this resolved - can you open a ticket using the contact form here, and include the contents of your URL bar when you hit the Login Error? That will confirm if what I suspect is the issue indeed is what is at play here, and then we can get that taken care of.

Contact form: https://www.digitalocean.com/company/contact/#support

Thank you!

  • thanks for the fast reply

    I have created a ticket in that form.

    Ticket #02814491: looking for support on a droplet: ref:00Df218t5m.500f21RDHFH:ref

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