I cant visit https://lukas713.com/ by domain, only via

February 13, 2019 255 views
DNS Ubuntu 18.04

I set name servers, A and CNAME record.I disabled default conf file and enabled lukas713.com.conf. In conf file I have:

ServerName lukas713.com
ServerAlias www.lukas713.com
ServerAdmin lukas.scharmitzer@gmail.com
DocumentRoot “/var/www/html/lukas713.com/public”

I cant visit site via domain, only by its ip adress. Where is the problem?!

1 Answer

I think a little more information is needed. Did you just create a dns record here or did you set the dns Information where you purchased the domain. For example, if you bought the domain at domains.google.com the dns records there need to point to your digital ocean droplet either by changing the nameservers so you have full access to the dns records here or by pointing the a record to your droplets IP. Also the ttl on those records makes a difference because a dns change takes time to propogate. If you set the ttl to 60 seconds theoretically your dns can update quickly but it also depends on ISPs and such. It looks like it’s resolving for me now are you still having the issue. If so try loading in incognito mode if that works clear your cache.

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