I cant wite @ char on ubuntu console via Turkish keyboard

Posted November 16, 2013 7.9k views
I can't write '@' char on ubuntu console. I use Turkish keyboard. I change to English keyboard and still cant write '@' char. How can I do that ?

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Just out of curiosity, why use the console vs. connecting to your droplet via SSH or SFTP?
I google it this problem and I understand that I should change keyboard layout
I find some command but it doesnt solve my problem
first I install
apt-get install x11-xkb-utils
and then type
setxkbmap tr
"can not open display default display" message shown
and then
sudo apt-get install console-data
loadkeys tr or loadkeys us
I couldnt find any '@' character on my keyboard whatever I type.
This is my first time to use digitalocean and I have no idea about using droplet or SSh or SFTP.
I just only try to use ghost blog :)
So I created a droplet as ubuntu machine
and I login
and I read this article about how to create ghost blog on ubuntu

And it says me to write ssh root@*your-server-ip*
so I cant write '@' char to continue my tasks
by Alex LaFroscia
This is our tutorial on hosting Ghost with Nginx on DigitalOcean.
What kind of computer are you using, locally? Windows, Linux, Mac OS X?
I have an ubuntu droplet machine here
You're using Ubuntu on DigitalOcean? What about at home/office? What are you typing on, right now -- in trying to connect to your DigitalOcean cloud serverf?
I use windows 7 on my home now
by Justin Ellingwood
In this article, we will cover how to install and utilize the vim text editor. The vim editor is an improvement on the standard "vi" editor standard on every POSIX-compliant system. We will go over the basics of modal editing and how chaining commands can help you accomplish editing tasks quickly.
thank you
this is the first time I met PuTTTy
I start to solve my problems
thank you again