I'd like to create a new server & domain from a snapshot

Posted August 4, 2019 2.3k views
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I’ve been working up a website and finally “released” our MVP to the world. Now what I’d like to do is take the latest snapshot of it, and toss it onto a new domain so I can develop it further.

So, I go to that droplets -> snapshots, pick the snapshot I want-> more->create droplet.

I get a nice new droplet.. BUT, the domain associated with the old droplet claims “multiple locations”, how can I change this to not point the new droplet I created? I want to the original domain to just point at one droplet, not say “multiple locations”, since I’ll be changing the new machine with development code. I"ve tried adding a new domain to the new droplet, it it let’s me, but I can’t edit the old domain to not point at multiple locations.


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Hello Andrew,

You will need to first create a snapshot out of the droplet where your current website is running. This documentation will guide you with this : []

From the snapshot you have taken now, create a new droplet, so that you can start working on a new domain. This might give you some hint : []

As the website which is released now will have a DNS configuration (A record) pointing to the droplet IP, there won’t be any issue with the new-domain which you wish to work upon because this new website will be running on the newly created droplet (from a snapshot).

  • I did all that.

    I don’t understand what “multiple locations” means in the DNS information for the old droplet. I certainly don’t want it pointing in some round robin fashion to the new one and old Can you help me understand that? I did not see any way of changing to point to just the original droplet.

    • For example, your current website and is pointing to an IP address of the droplet A.

      You take a snapshot of droplet A and spin up a new droplet called B which has a different IP address.

      Now this droplet B which you are using to develop a new website / domain, let us consider it as, should not have any issue. Because will still be pointing to droplet A IP address and the new droplet B will not have any DNS conflict unless you modify DNS of

      We would recommend you to raise a support ticket if you have further queries with all the details of the domain and configuration queries you have, we will be happy to assist you.

      • Ok, I’ll open a ticket.. maybe it’s a bug in DO that it shows ‘multiple locations’ for what the domain points too. You never explained that.

        • Just letting people know… if they run into this, it likely was a bug in the DO ui, opening the ticket miraculously took care of it :)