I'd love to see a good story on Linux printing - h. And how to stop things to fix a printer jam or a runawy printjob, and how to restart.

October 24, 2016 1.1k views
System Tools Ubuntu

I’ like to give my own tag - no a predefined one. Also, I really want to
read stories about all Linices not just the most modern or one distro family.
(I know its harder, but that’s what good documentation does - it could come as
multiple documents specializing to each disto, but discussing the
differences is good too. (I can’t make my request clearly in 140 chars!)

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Thanks for the request. Since our tutorials usually focus on server administration and development in the cloud, printing support hasn’t been a high priority but on a personal level I would be interested in a tutorial like this as well 😃

If you find one please share it in a reply here for others, or if you decide to take on the task yourself feel free to post it here as a question so others can benefit from it.

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