I decided to stop using DigitalOcean after 3 years of using it

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On May 12th GMail classified the IP of our droplet from Normal to pesime. During these 3 years we hosted in that droplet our email server.

2 days later the domain was also classified by Gmail with bad reputation.
From then all the emails sent to Gmail from our domain was classified as Spam.

We notice that something was wrong and we open a question in the community without any help.

Finally we decided 6 days ago create a new email server in Amazon Web Services.

The reputation in Gmail is zero now so our emails are marked as spam until Gmail want. I hope less that 2 weeks.

I don’t know why out IP in DigitalOcean ( was classified differently from May 12th. Thas was our IP since 3 years ago. In Gmail help says that could be some abuse in the range of IP of DigitalOcean.

I consider that the Gmail decision is absolutely arbitrary, but we cannot go forward staying in DigitalOcean. The support from DigitalOcean was zero.

We use intensively AWS for our servers. The email server in DigitalOcean droplet was helpful this 3 years. But take care in you are in a similar case. The reputation of other droplets in DigitalOcean could interfere in the reputation of your domain.

Thank you DigitalOcean for this 3 years. Sorry that Gmail forces us to leave your platform.

Best regards

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  • @cjimenez Sorry to hear about your experience, and thank you for your three years of business.

    I know this is too late, but there are several online tools that allow you to check an IP address against 100+ online “email blacklists” (these lists track IP addresses that have been flagged for sending spam)

    Unfortunately, these lists are constantly evolving, while it takes some time to remove IP’s from the list, all it takes is one bad actor to get an IP added to a list.

    Good luck with your future projects, thanks again for your business!

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While I agree that DO has poor support but if Gmail is blocking by “range of IP” instead of individual IP’s then it is only a matter of time before the same thing happens on AWS?

The IP of DigitalOcean was never included in blackmail list (I checked all of them with mxtoolbox). Only gmail and hotmail consider the IP as bad.

AWS disable port 25 by default, you have to ask specific permission to use it, and you are signing an special agreement for that. That makes more problematic for a spammer using an IP of AWS to do spam.

For me, Gmail is doing an arbitrary decision that could affect to any provider. They don’t explain the reason why the IP changed the reputation (only for them). I only hope that if that happen in the future AWS will be more proactive trying to solve the issue.

I was forced to change to search for a solution. I am a very happy customer of DigitalOcean. I just change to search for a stronger partner if I have the issue again.