I don't receive an answer from my ticket , poor quality service

March 3, 2019 223 views
Security Ubuntu

Im trying to contact support without answer, i have two tickets oppened and one of them is 3667506.

I need someone take a look on my case.

1 Answer

Hey friend,

It looks like you are waiting on our Trust & Safety team. In the case that they have shut down your droplet for performing malicious actions on our network (whether caused directly by you or by a security vulnerability in software that you run), you do have options available. We leave you the ability to create new droplets and things of that nature, restore backups to new droplets, etc. If you want the original droplet back, there will be a delay while you are waiting on the team to answer. The best way to avoid this is to keep your server secure so that it is not responsible for malicious activity.

While you are waiting for an answer, please be sure to not "bump" the ticket. Tickets are sorted by time since last response, which continually updates as you reply.


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