I finally got it! LEMP and Wordpress, However I have to ask about sftp

July 8, 2015 2.5k views
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I have followed the tuts on using filezilla to sftp to my droplet, however, i did connect succesfully one time to the root directory, however that is exactly all it was, the root directory ( / ). I am/was unable to browse nor upload, and would appreciate relevant 2015 based information on how I should configure sftpd, (i’m running a standalone server, for my purposes only, however I need to upload some themes as this is a wordpress site and I have a 2 themes I love, x and genesis both for the custom child theme usage that is relatively simple yet complex at the same time. Or I would love to build a theme around html5 however doing so and creating template files, will require me to have a remote ftp connection preferebly via filezilla as I will probably miss something syntax wise and need to correct on demand. I know I should be developing offline using mamp or even virtualbox, however, i have an old mac and the demand on the lack of processing power and memory really slows down development. either way, I still will need ftp access and filezilla runs smoothly on my machine.

Now i know that some “experts” out there are going to tell me to use the terminal and bear in mind, I’m a newb, so filezilla is honestly my best choice right now. I’m happy as hell to have gotten a working lemp stack with wordpress going after so many failures, and now I would love to get some content up there.

Maybe someone might want to partner with me on building a theme we can sell. I can build child themes no problem, but I wanna take it up a notch and build a theme. I do have the bones framework, however that requires offline compilation (which i use koala for) in order to use sass or less, and I’m also learning bootstrap 3. I know I’m trying to do too much at once, but I love this stuff and hardcoding is slowly becoming my friend.

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By default when you use SFTP to connect to your droplet as the root user you start out in the directory /root but you are not locked into that directory and can navigate up to the main root of the drive “/” and to any directory you like. The root user is not restricted to any path.

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