I got charge for Usage , what is that exactly?

June 5, 2017 3k views
Ubuntu Billing

I’m new here and I don’t know that much
Can you please explain that to me

thank you

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Hi @fahaddos

This is the community forum (user-to-user support), so unless you’re willing to publicly share details of the charge, then we cannot help you and you must create a ticket in support of the control panel.

DigitalOcean charges based on per-hour-usage. Even if you power off a droplet, you still get charged, since you are reserving room on a physical server. Also various other things like Block Storage, Snapshots, Backup, Floating IP are part of charges.

  • I’m using the server for OpenVPN and I paid 5$ for it
    isn’t that all ?

    Usage charges for May 2017 $2.14

    OPENVPN (512MB)
    hours :288
    05-19 23:24
    05-31 23:59
    • @fahaddos
      So you only paid $2.14 for the usage in May month - not $5. You only pay for hourly usage - meaning if you only use a droplet for 1 day, then it would be $5/30*1 which would be something like $0.17
      The $5 is just the amount if you use it the entire month.

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