I got scammed?! The VPS root,pass,hostname doesn't work on putty....

August 11, 2015 3.7k views
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so basically I just bought the VPS from the digitalocean, and they send me the root, ip , password when I enter it at putty, whenever I put the password it says "Access denied" they're giving my wrong passwords.

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  • Are you sure you're setting it up correctly? Try connecting through the IP they gave you directly ensuring you copy and paste the right information.

    If all else fails re-deploy the server, that is assuming you haven't done anything on it yet.

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Are you sure you copy/pasted the password correctly? I just spun up a new VPS (new customer) and everything is working just fine. Worst case, go to your Droplet's control panel and click reset root password.

When setting it up did you deny remote access to the root account?

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