I have 2GB Ubuntu 18.04 Droplet. But my magneto 2.3.3 application is tooooo slow. May i know what to do?

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MySQLApachePHPApplicationsUbuntu 18.04

Ubuntu 18.04.3 (LTS) x64
1 vCPUs
2GB / 50GB Disk

Magento 2.3.3 - Basic Installation
PHP - 7.2
MySQL - 5.7

SWAP File - 8GB

No of Products: 6
No of Users: 0
Mode: Developer mode

Magento Installation Steps followed:
How to Install and Configure Magento on Ubuntu 16.04

Internal Mail Server Not working.

Minimum Load Time: above 25 secs
Maximum Load Time: Server Timed Out

phpmemorylimit: -1
no my_sql config, default only

MySQL killed due to Out Of Memory

If MySQL Server not started, memory usage 300mb.
If MySQL Server started, memory usage 2 GB, SWAP - 8GB, CPU 100%

If Frontend and admin both opened, Server Down.

In SSH, Bash low memory error for ‘free -m’ command

Totally frustrated…

Site is not opened:
CPU Usage:
System: 5.96%
User: 105.67%

Now I am trying to log in my ssh, 1 min over still not logged in.

I already deleted 5 Droplets.

Anyone, please tell what I need to do?

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2 answers

You simply have too much running on a 2GB droplet. With 1 CPU all processes are going to have to wait for CPU time and as you’ve already seen first hand they’ll compete for RAM and the expensive processes will be killed by the out of memory killer. Recommendations are to either split the services out onto more Droplets or create a larger droplet, 4GB would be a good start.


Hi @rhariskumar3,

As @andmoo mentioned you are expecting too much from 2 GB droplet with 1CPU. I’ve noticed you’ve added 8GB of SWAP but that won’t help you. If you need to use more than 1GB of SWAP then it’s time to upgrade.

Generally, Magento is quite a heavy CMS even without have traffic. If you have even a little traffic, your droplet will not handle it thus killing processes as it’s out of memory. The best solution would be upgrading your droplet.