I have a CyberPanel Ubuntu 18.04 droplet, how would I allow a ftp user to use the space on a digital ocean volume I attached to the droplet?

January 4, 2019 929 views
Ubuntu 18.04 Block Storage DigitalOcean

My goal is to get an FTP user to utilize upload to the volume and have the volume publicly accessible. I see the volume mounted via command line, but when I create an FTP user I cannot cant seem to access it, if I try and set the ftp user to go up a folder level “../” it gives me an error “Cannot create FTP account. Error message: 0,Specified path must be inside virtual host home!”

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Hey friend,

You would probably want to mount it in the correct location for the FTP user. I’ve not used CyberPanel but for argument’s sake let’s say that ftpusera has access to /home/ftpusera/public_html (following cPanel logic). In that case I would mount /dev/sda there like this:

mount /dev/sda /home/ftpusera/public_html

This assumes /home/ftpusera/public_html is an empty directory at first, as an empty directory is required to mount the drive in place like that.


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