I have a fully functional domain w. droplet. However I just purchased a new domain and would like to move all old files and old domain to new domain. How?

March 19, 2016 1.1k views
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Good day everyone! Hopefully warm weather where you’re at. :)

As stated in my previous posts I had been with Lunarpages (and Cpanel) for the better part of 8 to 9 years before coming to DO a few months back. Well, I just purchased a new domain and I wish to have my old domain currently on DO only parked with the current filesystem to point to my new domain.

What I got:
Droplet: xxx (not really…lol blushes)
Domain: thexeno.com

What I would like:
Droplet: kitribe (not needed to rename, but would be nice.)
domain: kitribe.com (just finished the purchase process with name.com about an hour ago and been looking at tutorials ever since.)

PS: OH BTW, if this changes anything…i’m also using Server Pilot if that helps any.

If all I need to do is update the CNAME etc records (I kind of know how to do that through this interface) that would be cool but I haven’t moved an inch so I can get all the details/facts first.

Hope to hear from you and thanks,

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Hi @GreenKi13,

Login to name.com and change the nameservers of your second domain (kitribe.com) to ns1.digitalocean.com, ns2.digitalocean.com, ns3.digitalocean.com.

Instructions are provided here https://www.name.com/support/articles/205934547-Changing-Your-Name-Servers

Then login to DO, add the kitribe.com domain name and create an A record with your Droplet’s IP address.

A record

Also create a CNAME record for www:

CNAME record

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