I have created a few droplets with docker machine , what is the default password ? and user name

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Docker Linux Commands

I have a docker machine running on Vmware here at my office I have entered the e command

“docker-machine create –driver digitalocean –digitalocean-access-token cb85297ca1899721374212BLAHBLAH4e460c25081ca69f1d32b69ed8f99 Dockercloudhost1

to provision it , but how do I log with the DO website console screen ??

I can see all of my dockerhosts in the DO website

1 Answer

When you provision a server using Docker Machine, it generates its own set of SSH keys for use in connecting to the host. The simplest way to access the Droplet is through docker-machine itself:

docker-machine ssh machine-name

You can find more info, including the IP address and the full path to the directory containing the SSH keys locally, by running:

  • docker-machine env machine-name

You can then use this to connect to the server as normal. For instance in my case, using the DOCKER_CERT_PATH found by running the above command, I can use:

  • ssh -i /home/user/.docker/machine/machines/machine-name/id_rsa root@docker.host.ip.addr

Check out this tutorial for more information on using Docker Machine:

by finid
Docker Machine is a tool that makes it easy to provision and manage multiple Docker hosts remotely from your personal computer. Such servers are commonly referred to as Dockerized hosts, and as a matter of course, can be used to run Docker containers. Though Docker Machine can be installed on most Linux distribution as well as Mac OS X and Windows, in this tutorial, we'll be installing it on your local machine running Ubuntu 16.04 and use it to provision Dockerized DigitalOcean Droplets.
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