I have domain on Godaddy and hosting on DigitalOcean, can I link both of them to run a website??

September 16, 2015 33.1k views
DNS Deployment

I have recently bought a domain thinking that I will be able to use my hosting on DigitalOcean. Can I do that??

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  • Yes. Set up a web server on your droplet and edit GoDaddy's DNS settings to point at your droplet's IP address (Using A records).

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Yes you can.

You will need to point your domain at DigitalOceans nameservers OR just a A-Record to the server's IP. If you choose to just want to use your domain with DO's nameservers just change the nameservers within GoDaddy to ns1.digitalocean.com, ns2.digitalocean.com, and ns3.digitalocean.com and then go in your DigitalOcean panel and DNS at the top and add your domain.

  • Can you elaborate on this please?

    • Is not enough to point the domain to the droplet's IP?
    • What's the advantage of using DO's nameservers?
    • What's the purpose of adding the domain at DO's web interface?

Thanks for both question and answer

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