I have domain so this domain name such as dewanonline.com is this use for my dns server makes

March 12, 2017 1.1k views
Configuration Management

Dear sir, I was tried to setup dns caching server for my small business. There were a lot of side from I learnt how to be created dns server but this is the side only I found some differnce than others so I signup for help.
My question is the dns server creates purposing we need to register specific domain dns name such as mydomain is dewanonline.com and dewanonlinebd.com so both of the domain can I add ns1.dewanonline.com and ns2.dewanonlinebd.com or dns server makes for required both the domain name be registered in order to create ns1.dewanonline.com and ns2.dewanonlinebd.com
I can make my dns server in Centos 6.5 where nslookup failed.
I hope the authority can help me.

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