I just got disconnected from my droplet, should I be concerned?

July 16, 2015 1.8k views
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I am hosting a website that will provide a subscription service to customers in exchange for training plans viewable on the site. The site is still in development and whilst writing up a post on Wordpress I was disconnected and couldn't SSH into my droplet. I checked the graphs and found there was a spike up to 20% CPU usage and 0.50mb bandwidth.


Should I be concerned with these results?

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1 Answer

This would not even look like a spike if you had any type of load on your droplet. 0.5mb bandwidth is very little on a droplet that can do several hundred mbps and 20% CPU use is not that high for normal system processes at times.

As for getting disconnected and not being able to reconnect, after a reboot I would check your logs in /var/log/ for any indication of an error with your ssh service. Without more information it's difficult to provide any more targeted suggestions.

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