I just reset my root password and my whole droplet reset.

January 24, 2019 476 views
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I reset password receive mail logged in with new password and i couldn't find my application in server. Hows that even possible? please help. I also see my nginx logs its pointing to application properly but can't find the application.please help http://prntscr.com/mbnefd

My application is in Ruby on rails


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Hey friend,

The reset root password function does reboot the droplet. This does not harm data on the disk, but any services you have running that are not set to start at boot time will need to be manually started after a reboot. Provided, of course, your application was not stored in RAM (highly unlikely).


  • i tried to search almost everywhere most probably it was under /var/www/html but there nothing.

    • It sounds like you're reverse proxying to a back-end application that needs to be started separately. Can you get ahold of whoever set up that app for you? They might be able to tell you how to start it.

      • no i don't have hold on that person, i try to contact but no response. can you help me with it.

        • It's hard to know the right way without knowing how it was set up, it could be literally anywhere. Try running "history" command via SSH/console to see what commands were previously run. Maybe that can help you find the path and command to start the service.

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