I lost all my data

May 5, 2014 2.4k views
I stopped the server, restarted, and lost all my sqlite3 data. forever stop index.js forever start index.js That didn't work. So I tried with node: ``` [root@dhtmlkitchen ~]# node index.js Ghost is running... Listening on Url configured as: http://dhtmlkitchen.com/ Ctrl+C to shut down ERROR: The currently active theme dhtmlkitchen is missing. ErrorPage Ghost caught a processing error in the middleware layer. ``` Theme 'dhtmlkitchen' was not found. What happened to it? I don't know what happened to all of my entries but they are gone. All of my data from the sqlite3 db is old and out of date, too. Do you have a backup? Can you please restore my data? hostname: dhtmlkitchen.com IP Address:
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Is this on the DigitalOcean one-click application, or did you set this up yourself?

It's very possible that starting it directly with node is using an entirely different database then when you started it with forever. When you tried starting it with forever, were there errors? Is that how you started it in the past?

Try restarting it, making sure that your using the node production environment:

NODE_ENV=production node index.js
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