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Posted September 7, 2014 3.2k views

I’d like to have the same server settings + configuration of my first droplet which I’ve painfully optimized to use for WordPress.

Now does snapshot clone the whole website (settings, themes, plugin, etc) or just the server settings?

I just want to clone the settings ONLY as I’m not sure if I still know how to reverse-engineer what I did to my droplet.

Any input is very much appreciated!

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  • Yes, it clones everything; however, since you have things working really well, all you would need to change is the config file in /etc/apache2/sites-available

    You then could either do a fresh install of WordPress, or go into the database and change a few things in the wp-options table. Probably easiest to just re-install WordPress

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Hello efayans,
From my experience, snapshots do clone both the Server settings and it’s contents.
If what you want is both, then yes a snapshot will do. If however you want just the server settings and would like to re-install your WordPress site and contents, then you can re-create the new droplet using a snapshot of the old one and simply delete the content from the web-root directory and start over.
I hope this sheds the needed light.

NOTE: You may want to pay closer attention to things like email host name setting when you launch the new droplet though. I’ve had some IP address based setting come up with errors in the past. So you should check to make sure all IP address settings are updated to the new one.

  • @DarkSaint

    Thanks for the answer. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    So you’re saying once I clone droplet A to droplet B, I’d delete everything within /var/www in droplet B and reinstall WordPress on that directory. Is that correct?

    Or maybe I should simply delete the database in droplet B and copy the db from droplet A to droplet B.

    Is option 2 workable?


    PS: Pardon my ignorance as I’m pretty new to doing this unmanaged-vps sort of thing.

  • Yes, I meant deleting the contents of the /var/www/ folder once you clone the droplet.
    and re-install WordPress on that directory.

    The option of copying the DB might come with it’s own problems due to the configuration of wordpress. But you can always experiment with the new droplet before deleting the old one.

    You might also want to check out the backup and restore procedure for WordPress sites to enable you make a better decision.