I'm confused about what I need for WordPress optimization - pagespeed, varnish, memcache, fastcgi, opcache...

August 20, 2017 3.3k views
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Hello! Thank you for passing by, you’re amazing!

I got a little confusion about what I exactly need for WordPress. I got this and that article talking about using different modules but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

The problem I’m facing the most, is the server response time - 2.4 seconds on previous LAMP stack. Now I’m trying out with centos, lemp stack and everything I got right now is nginx + mod pagespeed. Which are up and running(didn’t make the speed test yet).

I’m thinking about installing varnish (do you have any good guides to setup varnish + pagespeed + nginx?).

Buuut.... There’re a lot more modules and I don’t know what build to choose.

  • Varnish + ESI
  • Pagespeed
  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • OpCache
  • ZenCache?
  • FastCGI
  • XtraDB tables

Which LEMP stack?

CentOS 7, NGINX, MariaDB, PHP7-FPM

What else? Thank you, have a great day.

1 Answer

Check this combination “Nginx PHP-FPM with pagespeed and memcached”


It is a detailed guide, this might help.

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