I'm getting incorrect keystrokes on a regular basis.

February 17, 2019 318 views
Linux Commands

Using the DO web-based terminal interface, I will frequently run into a situation where what I type is displayed incorrectly on the screen. There does not appear to be any way to recover from this, other than turning the droplet off and on again.

When I type "a", returned will be "^[a", which is unrecognizable.

This is the same problem as described here:


However I'm getting this very frequently. Once every day or two, I have to turn off my droplet to force a new login.

This problem is persistent over multiple devices, since they share the same login instance (if I'm using correct terminology).

How can I fix this? Thanks.

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  • You probably can't, a web terminal is pretty pernickety and this issue is at the side of DO.
    Use a SSH client like PuTTY on Windows or just a shell on Mac/Linux

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Hey friend,

The web console is decent for emergency purposes, but you should enjoy an SSH client much more when the server is functioning and allowing you to connect.


  • Well, sure, I get that. But I can access DO’s terminal from work, but SSH is blocked. I can use an app such as Termius on iOS, but it drops the connection. Is the weird-character a problem with the console implementation, a problem of Ubuntu or something else? Thanks.

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