I'm hoping to use a digital ocean droplet to ssh into a raspberry pi, and by using X11 Forwarding run a Firefox GUI on the droplet.

November 3, 2016 2.4k views
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When I use the command:

sudo ssh pi@ipAddress -t -X firefox

It asks for the password on the pi, then returns:

(process:3031): GLib-CRITICAL **: gslicesetconfig: assertion 'syspage_size == 0' failed
Error: no display specified
Connection to ipAddress closed

Thank you so much for any help, I need it ASAP

1 Answer

I attempted to duplicate this issue. While I do not have a Raspberry Pi handy I am running an Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop.

I created a new Ubuntu 16.04 droplet and ran just one command:

apt-get install firefox

I then connected to the droplet from my workstation with:

ssh root@droplet_ip -X firefox

and it worked. I would suggest making sure that you are running the ssh command from within an active X session on your raspberry pi and not as root if you are not in a root X session.

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