I'm on PHP 5.3. The SDK is for 5.4+. How do I dump files in spaces/bucket given this problem?

July 10, 2018 521 views
API Arch Linux

My server is on PHP 5.3. The SDK uses 5.4+ (version 2). I looked at version 1(5.3+) but can't make sense of it.

I've tried using Amazon's SDK but they also require 5.4+. I even had it figured out on my local.

How do I dump files in the bucket using PHP 5.3 on the server? Can anyone please guide? I've been looking through docs and searching but can't find an answer on this.


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Also, version 1 SDK has a dependency on a package which requires PHP 5.3.9. I have 5.3.29 on the server. I don't think version of 1 of their SDK is going to help me.

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