I'm running into issues setting file permissions for an installation of Concrete5 on a lamp. Says there are no such files/configurations or packages?

April 26, 2015 1.5k views
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I’m currently trying these commands:
chown -R root:www-data files/
chown -R root:www-data config/
chown -R root:www-data packages/

From This tutorial here on DO. I believe i’ve done all previous steps correctly and I’ve set up my php, apache and mysql correctly.

I get told
“chown: cannot access ‘file/’: no such file or directory”

Can anyone help with what I’m doing wrong?

1 Answer

“chown: cannot access ‘file/’: no such file or directory”

In your commands above you are chown'ing files/ not file.

I would also recommend chown -Rf www-data:www-data /var/www and set your web root and it’s contents to be owned by the apache user.

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