I'm switching over to a DO VPS for my Rails apps (using PostgreSQL). Is there a Linux-flavored open source control panel that would be most suitable for this?

March 14, 2015 2.3k views
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Currently, I am looking closely at Vesta and VirtualMin, since they are both free, well-regarded, full-featured and offer PostgreSQL native, not as a plugin. But, I don’t see Rails on either features-supported list. Since I’m selecting a panel I have to work with for a long time, I want it to be the best for my purposes, Rails apps.

(I recently installed Sentora (Zpanel-derived) and it was an unpleasant experience. Looking for something else.)

Suggestions/advice much appreciated.

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I am not aware of any good control panel options to provide for deployment and management of rails applications. While a control panel can improve ease of use for common tasks, when deploying a custom application (especially when it is not a LAMP app) you can run into problems and actually make the process more difficult. Outside of working with PHP applications or static web content I would recommend against using a control panel.

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