I'm uploading custom image vdi disk archived as bz2, but it does not appear in the list of images.

February 20, 2019 562 views
Custom Images

Where can I see logs/errors why it was rejected?

Distributions: Other (Gentoo)

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Hey friend,

I’m not seeing anything on this side. Are you sure that it’s fully submitting/uploading? You might try disabling any browser addons or trying a different browser just for good measure / troubleshooting. Also make sure that you’ve read over the requirements here:



  • Hi

    I’ve tried again, but this time from Chromium instead of Firefox.
    After uploading archive it appears in the list as

    vi-g.vdi.bz2 Unknown OS
    0 regions

    In the ‘More’ menu there are greyed out options for 'Start a droplet’ and 'Add to region’ and available 'Delete’ option.

    After a few minutes the image disappears.

    I’ve tried only with NYC3 region.

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