I need a way of backing up SQL servers and possibly web files in Ubuntu

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So, before I give you any form of details as to what I want, here's what I have. I have a Digital Ocean server deployed. It's database is all I care for, losing the website files wouldn't be an issue, the data however in the database can't be replaced. I also have a dedicated machine, HDDs in Raid 10 and that's going to be for SQL backups.

Now I need some form of software or way of backing up my SQL databases every 6 hours (in total 4 backups a day). I'd also like in a perfect world for the server website files to be backed up but my priorities right now are the SQL databases.

Now, before any moans saying 'Digital Ocean do backups', they're weekly and I'd hate to see the expense of that. However, a simple piece of software, free would be nice should do the trick.

The server is running Ubuntu so needs of course to be compatible with that. If you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me them. I could with finding some solution to this problem very soon.


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There are a number of ways that you can set up backups for MySql. Assuming that you need to do live backups without locking the database, a good option is Percona's XtraBackup. There's a tutorial that covers getting it up and running on Ubuntu:

If locking the database isn't an issue, then a simple mysqldump can usually suffice. You can then setup a cron job that will run the backup and rsync it and your web files to you backup server.

by Shaun Lewis
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