i need to change my billing info for my account. how do i do this?

April 11, 2017 3k views

the credit card used for this account is no longer active. we need to change all billing info over to my current credit card

3 Answers

Hi @lennythesaltysiren

You go to the control panel, click the arrow next to "Create Droplet", click "Settings" and then a new page loads where you click "Billing" in the left menu.

Here's a direct link: https://cloud.digitalocean.com/settings/billing

This link is not working for me: https://cloud.digitalocean.com/settings/billing

i CAN''T find how to simple change my credit card or check my payments.

This is so frustrating. =/

  • Not sure if you figured it out yet, but if you have only one payment method setup you have to click "Add Card" to add a second payment method in order to delete the original one. You can't just update the current payment method - which i feel like is an oversight in the design.

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