I need to create new emails using my domain, can you please guide me how to do that?

September 9, 2019 86 views
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I need to create new emails on our domain and I always just worked with Cpanel. I tried to add a Droplet that called Cpanel for only that matter cause I am familiar with. Unfortunately it’s not free.
I thought there must be a way to do it for free just through your system maybe I just don’t know how.
Can you please help me figure this out. Thanks.

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Hi @hashemiko,

You can try some of the free control panels. For CentOS I’ll recommend checking out CentOS Web Panel.

If you plan to use Ubuntu, then I’ll recommend Webmin.

Both panels look like cPanel with some little differences here and there. The downside of it all is having to install it on your own however the respective sites for these panels have pretty good tutorials.

Kind regards,

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