I need to move existing ssl enabled wordpress site to its own directory

August 5, 2017 686 views
WordPress Ubuntu

I have a working and ssl enabled website in /var/www directory and I need to move it to its own directory /var/www/newdirectory or folder.

Move from /var/www to /var/www/folder

reason is I want to have multiple websites on same vps. here are the steps i have tried and failed.

  1. created directory in /var/www/folder
  2. moved wordpress files to newly created folder
  3. did comand a2dissite website-ssl.conf
  4. changed the root document on sites-available>website-ssl.conf to /var/www/website
  5. re-enabled a2ensite website-ssl.conf

I need guidance on the steps im missing here, I also thing i missed a2mod ssl disable comand i think.

any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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