I never received an email with SSH login information. What should I do now?

August 13, 2017 1k views
Email Ubuntu 16.04

Just signed up for DO and verified my email. After setting up the droplet, I never received an email with the SSH credentials.

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If you are on Linux or Mac you can login using this command ssh root@>droplet_ip>.


Did you use your public key when you created the droplet? If this is the case then you can login using your private key as user root.

If not you better contact support about this issue.

Hi @Mohsen47

I created a public and private ssh key on the second droplet creation to try an avoid the issue of not receiving the login via email. Now that I have that, I can’t figure out the correct process to login. I’m a huge noob with this stuff…

When I type that in it asks for a password. How do I find that pw?

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